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Wireless Camera V2

  • WiFi Compatible
  • Small Battery Life + 1W Solar panel
  • Records when motion triggers
  • Black/White Night Vision

Wireless Camera V3S

  • WiFi or 4G Compatible
  • FREE Sim Cards for 4G purchases
  • Stronger WiFi & 4G connection
  • Best Battery Performance
  • 2K HD Resolution
  • Sturdier Premium Bracket

Wireless Camera V3

  • WiFi or 4G Compatible
  • Strong Battery Life + 5W Solar panel
  • Color Night Vision
  • True Motion Detection
  • Improved App Features

Wireless Camera V4

  • WiFi or 4G Compatible
  • FREE SIM Card with 4G purchase
  • Stronger Wifi & 4G connection
  • De-tachable 5W Solar Panel
  • 2K HD Resolution
  • PTZ abilities

Digital Eye 1080P Camera


A1 Memory Card


Premium V3 Bracket

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Wireless Camera Q3


Wireless Camera Q4


Coming Soon

Coming Soon

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The Future

How Premium Invention's Q Wireless Security will take over the business security market

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Looking for a custom solution?

We offer more products privately. From 24/7 Wireless cameras to high-end wired cameras. They will be launching sometime this year but you could get your hands on them even sooner.

Contact us today to get more details: 800-224-0705. Open Mon-Fri 8:00 am to 4:00 pm PST.